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of mind in your criminal defense case is waiting for Adam G. Pinkard.

Put our firm's skilled criminal defense services to work for on your case.

Reliable and affordable defense service

Adam G. Pinkard protects you and your loved one's best interests, that's why you can expect the best possible rates and dedicated criminal defense assistance from the start to finish of your case.

Get criminal defense for:

  • Felony Charges

  • Misdemeanor

  • DUI

  • Bond Reduction

  • Burglary

  • Conspiracy

  • Forgery

  • Drug Possession

Make the confusion of your criminal trial a little more bearable by hiring our experienced defense attorney to point you toward the best possible results in court.

Criminal litigation gets easier

Defense work is all about strategy at Pinkard Law Firm

Adam G. Pinkard's number one job is to protect your rights and secure you a fair trial. You can expect a solid legal strategy that thoroughly examines case circumstances and evidence and applies the best of current law and past legal precedents for your best possible outcome.

We make evidence advantageous for your case

Your best course of action in court will be dictated by a strategic and knowledgeable use of evidence. Count on Pinkard Law Firm to have the skills and defense experience to provide your case every advantage when it comes to evidence.

Dedicated, compassionate defense from start to finish

The best possible results to your defense case will rely on a strong pre-trial period, full of thorough preparation, questioning, investigation, and filing - that's what you get at Pinkard Law Firm. Then, from the active trial period to the post-trial appeals process, we'll remain by your side to the very end.

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