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We will help you:

  • Understand eligibility specifications

  • File your petition

  • Negotiate with creditors

  • Argue on your behalf in court if needed


doesn't have to dictate your life.

Move toward the fresh start you deserve today by working with Pinkard Law Firm.

From filing the right paperwork to briefing you on all the correct eligibility requirements, Adam G. Pinkard will be by your side every step of the way as you navigate the uncertain waters of bankruptcy.

Get efficient process in your bankruptcy case

Get bankruptcy help for:


Chapter 7


If your business is becoming weighted by its debt and finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with your creditors, stop by for a consultation to discuss the possibilities of a Chapter 7 filing with Adam G. Pinkard. Individuals can also discuss their Chapter 7 options at Pinkard Law Firm.


• Chapter 11


Ensure efficient and amicable navigation of your debt resolution when you or your business visits Pinkard Law Firm to weigh out a Chapter 11 plan. You'll stay in control of your assets and work effectively with the court for the best possible outcome.


• Chapter 13


Skilled and experienced financial reorganization assistance is what you'll get every time when you come to Adam G. Pinkard for Chapter 13 counsel. Expect productive, open communication between you and your debtors as a strategic reorganization plan is implemented to get you back in control of your finances.

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